Betty Whiteout? Plowasaurus Rex? Voting opens to name MnDOT snow plows

Voting has opened for the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s 2022 Name a Snowplow contest.

The department said it received nearly 11,000 name submissions last month. Staff has since cut that list down to 50 finalists that Minnesotans can now vote on.

MnDOT says a variety of factors were considered when selecting the finalists, such as creativity, uniqueness, frequency of submissions, Minnesota-specific ideas and names that would be easily identifiable and understandable to broad audiences.

While most of the 2022 finalists are new name ideas, MnDOT says a few runners-up from 2021 were included.

Voting will be open through Jan. 26. MnDOT says each person can vote once for up to eight names.

The winning names and areas for each newly named snowplow will be announced early next month.

Click here to vote for your favorite snowplow names.

Last year’s winning names can be seen here.