Austin man’s mullet makes history

(ABC 6 News) – Have you ever heard of a mullet championship? Well, there is one and an Austin man is a finalist in this year’s competition.

"We’re just having fun, to be honest with you," Curtis Wilson said.

Curtis may be having a good time rocking his 14-inch mullet, but the reason why he keeps it growing is to remember someone special.

"I lost my aunt three years ago. She lost her hair, I figured if I grew it, somebody’s going to use it," Wilson said.

It took three years to get his mullet to where it is now. And all of that hard work is paying off, Curtis is competing in this year’s USA Mullet Championships.

"Who would have thought I would have made it to the top 25 in the nation? The only one from Minnesota, so just trying to represent," Wilson said.

And Curtis is facing some tough competition! Look at these guys! But no matter the outcome, his mullet is here to stay.

"I’m getting married next year and the wife likes it, the family likes it, so I’m going to keep her for a little while, and when the times right we’re going to donate it and try again," Wilson said.

Mullets may be a thing of the past, but if you ever thought about getting one, Curtis says give it a shot.

"If you guys are thinking about doing it, do it! It ain’t going to hurt nothing," Wilson said.

If you would like to vote for Curtis to win the National Mullet Championship, you can visit this link!