Alternate side parking ends, schedule will be kept for next winter

(ABC 6 News) – Seasonal parking requirements in Rochester ended on Friday.

This year the city voted to change the timeline to start in October and end in April, taking two months off the beginning and end compared to previous years.

"It was nice having it October 1st in the fall previously it allowed us to get more street sweeping done which was kind of one of the reasons for having that early start in the fall and if we do get a big snow in April it was nice to have that alternate side parking and we realize it is an inconvenience for people who do have to park on the street," said City of Rochester Infrastructure Maintenance Supervisor Dan Plizga said.

They say it’s becoming more routine for drivers to follow the schedule and with the two months off, it’s less of an inconvenience.

The city plans to keep the same dates this upcoming winter.