AHS & law enforcement rescue 47 cats found living in vehicle at MN rest stop

(ABC 6 News) – The Animal Human Society (AHS) has rescued 47 cats that were reportedly living with their owner inside a van at a Minnesota rest stop.

AHS said on Tuesday agents with the humane society, and law enforcement removed 47 cats from sweltering heat inside a van at a rest stop near Harris, Minnesota.

The cats range in age from less than a year to over 12 years old. AHS said all 47 were released to the humane society by the owner.

According to AHS, fourteen other cats had reportedly already been released to a different rescue organization before Tuesday.

The humane society said that despite the extreme heat and unsanitary conditions most of the cats appear to have only minor medical issues and are currently being evaluated.

AHS said once the cats have been evaluated and any medical or behavioral issues are addressed, and they’re sterilized they’ll be made available for adoption through AHS or one of its rescue partners.

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