Friends of Devin Weiland give insight to shooting incident

Brett Bachtle
Updated: December 02, 2020 07:26 PM
Created: December 02, 2020 07:23 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Friends of Devin Weiland could help shed some light on a motive for the shooting incident in Albert Lea.

On Sunday, Weiland initiated an eight hour long shooting and standoff with authorities. He injured three people including an Albert Lea police officer.

Those who know Weiland personally claim to be stunned. They say Weiland was a nice kid.

"He was the kind of guy you could do anything with – like hang out with. He didn't seem like the kind of guy to do any kind of crime,” said friend of Weiland Hunter Wieser. “When I was around him he never talked about shooting people – that kind of stuff."

"He was very respectful and kind to people when we hung out. He was always welcoming everybody and he was just a nice guy to get along with. We didn't think that he was like this at all,” said friend of Weiland Emily Malay.

Gail Thorpe’s husband was shot in the arm during the attack. They live on the same floor as Weiland.

"I'm kind of mad because it happened to my husband, but then I understand. I don't know what happened to him. He's a good guy,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe's husband is recovering after two surgery’s, but those who were close to him can't help but think about the days before the shooting.  Malay says Weiland was upset over the recent passing of a family member.

"He lost his grandpa a while ago and I guess he couldn't get over that,” said Malay.

Wieser says Weiland was also asking some strange questions.

"He asked one of my buddies that lives here, 'What does prison life look like?'" Wieser said.

The man who spent time in prison said he told Weiland that if he shot a cop, the inmates in prison would praise him for it.

Investigators have talked with this man and several other friends and neighbors of Weiland.

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