Local Businesses React to President-Elect Trump

November 10, 2016 10:05 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- More than a year of campaigning filled with many doubts – Donald Trump is now the President-Elect. One of Trump's biggest rally cries was his experience in business and his power to improve the United States’ economy; but not all feel comfortable with this soon to be Trump presidency.

"There is a lot of guys out there like me in the country who all pitch in, do our thing… Guys, gals you know, and it paid off, we got a win," said long-time Trump supporter Brian Braaten.


Braaten is a business owner, selling classic cars. He says since the Obama administration took charge, business has gone down, but feels change is on the horizon.

“It's a shot in the arm I think for the economy. I've already had so many of my customers commenting and emailing me… great night, great night," said Braaten about election night.

But, not all business owners feel the same – Abe Sauer owns Old Abe Coffee Co.; he serves up hot brews in downtown Rochester for now and is working on moving into a brick and mortar location. Sauer fears what many did during the campaign, madness at the White House.

"It's really unknown what policies will help or hurt,” Sauer said. “I think it's more of the potential chaos that will cause problems for everybody. No business owner likes chaos."

But, no matter the view, all U.S. business owners need to gear up for a Trump Presidency.

"He's a blue collar billionaire,” Braaten said about Trump, “He's not the limousine liberals like we've had leading us. Trump is going to turn the train around and lead us in the right direction."


Ben Henry

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