Bike Permit Proposal Not Sitting Well with Bicyclists

January 27, 2017 07:25 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Republican Representative Duane Quam said riders would have to pay $5 for a permit and take a safety course with a test. This would apply to anyone 15 or older who uses urban bike lanes.

Some people in the bike community are upset with the proposed bill and think it’s unfair to cyclists.


"It's sort of an attack on, or a targeted legislation maybe to demonize cyclists or to put them on the defensive for using a bike lane that their entitled to use," Rochester Cycling owner Matt Hawkins said.

Representative Quam told ABC 6 News he has received a lot of complaints, but his primary goal is safety and would be a starting point for education as more people choose to ride their bike over driving their car.

“What it comes down to, the single point is you’re operating a vehicle on that road, why would you not expect to know what you’re doing?” Quam said.

Quam also said if the bill passes, he fully anticipates waiving the fee for low income riders, and hopes to incorporate bike safety education in schools.


Elise Romas

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