Holiday Homecoming Reunites Brothers

December 21, 2016 07:39 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Two Naval brothers gave their youngest brother the thrill of a lifetime with a surprise homecoming Tuesday afternoon.

Twin brothers Terrance and Darion Boyle have only seen their family a few times since they left for boot camp many months ago. The boys were hoping to make it home for Christmas together at the same, and after a lot of changing plans and discussions, they finally booked flights home the same day.


“I thought for sure he would know we were coming and after we went there he definitely had no idea,” Keegan’s brother, Terrance Boyle said.

The twins were waiting for a cue from their parents before entering the second grade classroom.

“A couple of kids saw our dad beforehand and a couple of kids kept telling our little brother there’s someone outside, Keegan!’ and our parents said ‘Go, go, go!  Go now,’” Darion Boyle said.

Keegan was caught off guard right before the class was about to read a Christmas story.

“Mrs. Winhold said ‘Keegan, your dad’ and so I turned around and I saw my brothers,” Keegan Fenske said. “I ran to them and hugged them both.”

It was Keegan’s reaction that made their surprise homecoming even more worthwhile.

“I didn’t really expect him to cry, but he started crying the second he saw us,” Terrance Boyle said. “He was crying all the way over to us.”


Elise Romas

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