No Charges Filed in Rochester Broadway Avenue Fatal

December 21, 2016 06:07 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office has marked the case of 21-year-old Ramiz Hamzagic as “inactive”, meaning no further investigation will take place unless new, viable, information or evidence comes forward.

As we've reported, Hamzagic died after being hit on the 4900 block of Broadway Avenue North. Hamzagic was on a “motorized assisted bicycle”, which is a bike where you can engage or disengage the motor.


Authorities say, based on surveillance video collected from different locations and the physical evidence at the scene, that Ramiz crashed the motorized bicycle while riding northbound on Broadway. The medical examiner determined Ramiz’s blood alcohol concentration was 192mg/dL, which translates to a .192 BAC. 

They say for unknown reasons, Hamzagic went into a prone position, lying on his back, in the northbound lane of Broadway.

A vehicle driven by a 43-year-old Rochester resident can be seen on the surveillance video. The footage shows the vehicle making a slight evasive maneuver to the left while driving northbound on Broadway. The driver then made a U-turn and came to a stop facing southbound and called 911.

In a statement provided to law enforcement, the 43-year-old says he noticed metal lying in the roadway, and a red flashing light. The investigation later determined this light was originally mounted on the motorized bike Hamzagic was riding. He said he went around the motorized bicycle and then saw Hamzagic in the roadway, but felt he was able to avoid hitting him.  

The investigation revealed damage on the bike is consistent with it being run over while it was lying on the pavement, not from being struck from behind.  The medical examiner says Hamzagic had minor injuries on his torso, consistent with falling from a moving bicycle and landing on asphalt. However, the examiner identified Ramiz’s fatal head injuries to be indicative of being struck by a vehicle traveling at high speed.

DNA samples were taken from the 43-year-old’s vehicle, however the MN BCA Crime Lab determined it was not enough of a sample to analyze.

Authorities say in reviewing all the evidence presented and discovered, they believe Hamzagic was struck by the vehicle, however they were unable to confirm that suspicion because the driver exercised his rights not speak to the investigators any further.

Even so, it has been determined that other potential suspects, crimes, or involved parties could not have been responsible for Hamzagic's death.

The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office expressed its sincere condolences to Hamzagic's family.


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