Mayo Clinic Brings the Strollin Colon Back to Rochester

March 16, 2017 10:53 PM

(ABC 6 News)--The Strollin Colon is back! March is colorectal cancer awareness month and Mayo Clinic once again brought in the inflatable colon to help educate the community.

"Colorectal cancer is probably the second most fatal cancer among men and women in the United States," said Dr. John Kisiel.


Each year, around 150,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer and 50,000 will die from it, according to Mayo Clinic.

"It was important for me to see the colon and talk about the hereditary nature of colon cancer,” said Nicki Nicholas as she walked through the exhibit.

Nicholas' in-laws have a history of colon cancer, which is why she keeps herself and her husband educated on the disease.

"It's very important to me to listen to what you can do to keep your microbiome healthy, but then also walk through the inflatable colon and see what does it look like inside, what's going on and how's that going to affect my loved ones," said Nicholas.

Doctors say colorectal cancer is highly preventable through screening.

"Unfortunately, probably only two out of every three patients report that they've been screened and when we do chart review studies to dig into that a little deeper, it's probably only about half of all people are being screened," said Dr. Kisiel.

For that reason, colorectal cancer is called the most fatal yet the most preventable cancer. 

"You don't really talk about colon cancer and things like that. It's kind of awkward to talk about, so this is something where you can start the conversation with, 'I went through the Strollin Colon, have you heard of that?" said Nicholas.

For most men and women colon cancer screening begins around age 50 and will continue until age 75, potentially longer. The risk of colon cancer peaks around the age of 67, according to Dr. Kisiel.


Marissa Collins

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