Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program: Rejuvenate and Restore

December 02, 2016 08:05 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- During day 5 of their time in the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, ABC 6 News Anchors Rachel Wick and Brianna Cook got a little pampering!  They learned that taking some "me" time can actually be beneficial to someone's health.

“We know from a number of studies here at Mayo and from around the world, massage does a great deal for reducing stress, and there is probably no one more stressed than Americans,” says Brent Bauer, the Medical Director for Rejuvenate. “ Stress has a lot of bad impacts on our health.  It suppresses immune function, makes wounds heal more slowly, increases inflammation in the body.  We should be much more in-tune to our stress and we should be much better at incorporating things to reduce that stress,” added Bauer.


Rachel got a facial during her experience at Rejuvenate Spa. She said the person doing her facial was able to identify the areas of her skin that needed extra care. Experts say facials can help your skin age more gracefully. 

“Facials have a lot of the same benefits.  A facial here, you'll be on a heated table, you'll get a hand massage, foot massage, and you’ll have heated gloves and booties.  You'll have this wonderful experience where the face is hydrated, gently massaged.  You come off that table feeling like you're walking on 4 feet of cotton,” said Bauer.

Brianna got a massage, and said her massage therapist was able to find things out about her through that massage. For example, he could tell by her knees that she's a runner and he found some tension points in her neck to work on to help her with headaches. 

Dr. Bauer also says that a lot of research went into spa treatment before Rejuvenate opened. He says spa services can really have a positive impact on people, but they’re not for everyone.

“I think everything comes down to that cost benefit. Massage, acupuncture, things we have to spend some money for, we should have pretty good evidence that they work before we take those scarce resources.  And they're not for everybody.  Not everybody gets the same benefit, and not everybody can afford them.  So, I think if it fits for you culturally, personally, economically, it can be a fantastic thing to incorporate into an overall wellness strategy."

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You can check out the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program for yourself through their website, or in person by attending their Holiday Open House on Thursday, December 8th from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. The Healthy Living Program is located at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center in downtown Rochester. 


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