Dancing for the Arts - Take VI

July 21, 2017 03:32 PM

Arts and Cultural Trust’s “Dancing for the Arts-Take VI” is a toe-tapping “FUN”-raising event

Dancing for the Arts-Take VI is back with ten Rochester celebrities going toe-to-toe to benefit youth arts education and the programs/services of the Trust on Saturday evening, April 22nd 2017  at the Mayo Civic Center in the new ballroom.


Get to Know the Dancers

Brianna Cook
News Anchor, ABC 6 News/KAAL-TV

How did art education influence you in your youth?

The arts played a big impact on my life as a kid. I played the viola for several years and I was very involved in my high school choir. I also took part in school plays in high school. I think the arts are an extremely important part of any child’s life, and can help shape them into creative, well-rounded adults. 

Who or what would your dance partner compare you to?

If you compared me to an animal… I’d like to think that Joseph sees me as a cheetah. Quick, smart, and athletic. But in reality, I think a boxing kangaroo is more likely. Partially because I’m not a dancer so I move awkwardly compared to him and partially because of the time I punched him in the face (on accident!) when doing a turn. Sorry Joseph! 

Jeanine Gangeness
Associate Vice President-Rochester, Academic Affairs/Dean for School of Graduate Studies, Winona State University

Did you have any say in your routine?

Yes. Joey has been a great partner and very considerate as he has taught me how to dance. Patience may be the best word to describe him. 

When your favorite song comes on in the car, do you channel your inner Beyoncé, or refrain to a steering wheel beat tap?

My inner "the go go's" - definitely - it is all about "the beat"!!

Katie Kirckof
Owner/professional make-up artist, GLAM Beauty Lounge

Kelly Miles
Stay at home mom/independent design consultant

Sarah Pacchetti
Owner, Studio on Third

Why are you participating in Dancing for the Arts Take VI?

It would be very accurate to say that I'm participating because of the influence of my mom, Lynne Kirklin. From a very young age she instilled in me an appreciation for all of the arts by encouraging me to participate through music lessons, theater attendance and art education. At a very young age she took me to my first symphony as well as various theater productions. As I was growing up she spent much of her time volunteering for the Mankato Symphony Orchestra Guild, the Symphony Board and as both a board member and officer of Rochester Friends of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, just to name a few. I fully believe in and support the arts in schools and beyond. The arts provide an outlet as well as an opportunity to expand ones mind. It brings people together and fosters community.

At middle school dances, what was your go to move? 

I'm not sure we had designated names for all of our moves back then?! Nor did kids actually dance much at middle school dances! In high school, however, I did a pretty great “Molly Ringwald Stair Dance” from the Breakfast Club. Ha! I even had short, curly, reddish hair at one point!

Steve Borchardt
Housing Initiative Director, Rochester Area Foundation

Tom DeVinny
Owner, Arnold’s Supply & Kleenit Company

Brad Narr, M.D.
Anesthesiologist, Mayo Clinic

How did art education influence you as a youth?

Music was a huge part of our lives in my family.  Some of my earliest memories are my grandfather and his 5 brothers singing German songs at their birthday parties, my aunties playing piano while the whole family sang at other family gatherings and my youngest aunt playing the lead singing role in Peter Pan in her high school play.  Early on I started on piano, trumpet in 4th grade through high school (with yearly summer music camps)  and like my family I sang in church and early school choirs.  I would never consider myself a soloist, but I was happy to perform in these groups.  The discipline of practice, memorizing recital pieces and exposure to professional musicians (mostly teachers whose skills I could never imagine achieving), was a great preparation for our real  and very competitive world.  Accompanying the junior high Sunday School weekly devotion from the Lutheran Hymn Book for a couple of years with your buddies counting your mistakes in front row and watching your fingers shake made giving my first speech or really any of my academic work seem easy.   Probably a long way of saying that my music education and experiences were foundational in my academic and professional success.

What type of animal best represents your routine? 

Partially lame elephant? I have microseconds of floating like a butterfly but sometimes look like I have been stung by a bee. (M.Ali) I have never spent so much time in front of a mirror in my life so I am eating less (pot-bellied pig).  Shoulders down, pinch your scapulae together, don’t look like a peeing dog, hips level, heel, toe, toe, slow, quick, quick, let’s try it again (parrot).

Ashok Patel, M.D.
Physician, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Sunny Prabhakar
Founder/President, The Commission  

The professional dancers representing Dahl Dance Center are Gary Dahl, Joseph Carey, James Geroux, Joey Ray,

Chris Kempainen, April Dahl, Danika Dahl, Nicole Bottelson, Christine Miller and  Estafania Sedarski.

Celebrity Judges will be Lisa Clarke  (Executive Director, DMC Economic Development Agency), Brad Jones (Executive Director, Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau  and DFTA first year Trophy winner) and Sharon Gentling (international and national award winning competitive ballroom dancer).

Emcees will be Laura Lee (News Anchor, ABC 6 News and first year’s Judges Choice winner) and Rich Peterson (Morning Radio Personality, KROC-AM).

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