Pay it Forward: Margie Scruggs

May 18, 2017 07:49 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- This week's ABC 6 News/Home Federal Bank "Pay it Forward" recipient has been helping people for decades, through an organization she didn't even intend on starting.

"It's a place that moms can come and then I outfit their kids for the whole season," Margie Scruggs said. "There's a lot of stuff that they get, everything for their kids." 


Scruggs has been running a non-profit project called "The Lower Room" for nearly 29 years. Her goal is to primarily provide clothes for children. 

"I didn't really plan to do it.  It was during a real crisis time in my own life," said Scruggs. "I wouldn't call it a vision and I wouldn't call it a dream but I kind of got the idea to go out to the garage and get that piece of plywood that's hanging at the bottom of that ramp and it says 'Lower Room'." 

Over the year's she's collected clothing and given them to hundreds if not thousands of families, including Tania Rhiger's.

"I had $50 to my name. I had just moved here and I was in between jobs and I had just started school," Rhiger explained. "And she took my name and had me come in a couple days later. She didn't ask any questions, she just said 'what do you need?'" 

That's one of the reasons Tania nominated Margie for an ABC 6 News/Home Federal Bank Pay It Forward Award.  

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. 

"I just found out that she may be laying The Lower Room to rest," Rhiger said.

"I have found that I needed a lot of help the last couple of years especially," Scruggs said.  "I'm asking God of He wants me to--is this the time to lay it down." 

"I wish I could take over The Lower Room because I think it's a great thing and if there's anyone out there with some ideas I think now would be a great time to chime in,"  Rhiger said. "She's an inspiration to people like me and to people in the community, to serve others, to just help where you can. I think she's done a great job so, thank you, Margie. Thank you, Margie."  

Margie says even though it may be time for her to step down, The Lower Room will continue to exist in some capacity. 


Elise Romas

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