Truck Attack Suspect is Armed, Used 6 Names

Anis Amri Photo: Facebook/ MGN. Anis Amri

December 21, 2016 02:23 PM

BERLIN (AP) - Germany has launched a manhunt across Europe for a Tunisian man described as "violent and armed." He's a suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack.

A German security official said authorities had considered him a possible terror threat previously and had been trying to deport him after his asylum application was rejected this summer.


A European arrest warrant from Germany obtained by The Associated Press indicates he has at times used six different aliases and three different nationalities.

It names Anis Amri as having Tunisian citizenship, born in the town of Ghaza. But it lists multiple aliases, many of them variants on his name, and Egyptian and Lebanese citizenship as well.

German authorities are offering a reward of up to $105,000 for his arrest.


German authorities say the suspect in Monday's deadly truck attack in Berlin was under covert surveillance for several months this year.

Berlin prosecutors told The Associated Press in a statement Wednesday that they launched an investigation against Anis Amri on March 14 followed a tip from federal security agencies.

The tip warned that Amri, who was considered a potential threat by authorities in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia, might be planning a break-in to finance the purchase of automatic weapons for use in an attack.

Surveillance showed that Amri was involved in drug dealing in a Berlin park and involved in a bar brawl, but no evidence to substantiate the original warning. The observation was called off in September.


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Truck Attack Suspect is Armed, Used 6 Names
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