Complaint: Man Admits Ejaculating in Coworker's Coffee Cup

Created: 09/04/2014 1:22 PM

A Blaine man has been charged after admitting to ejaculating in a coworker’s coffee cup and around her desk multiple times.

New Brighton police officers were called to Beisswenger’s on the 1800 block of Old Highway 8 on Tuesday, Aug. 26.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman said she had returned to her work space that afternoon and saw her coworker standing at her desk with his back turned to her and his hands by his genitals. The woman said he quickly went into another room when she caught him.

He was identified as 34-year-old John Robert Lind of Blaine.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman then went to her desk and noticed a smell coming from her cup of coffee, which she originally thought was spoiled milk. She told police she had an ongoing problem with a bad taste in her coffee but that this was the first day she realized it may have been tampered with.

The woman told police there was a “large amount of clear liquid” on her desk and that her nearby hair scrunchy had absorbed a large amount of it.

The woman told police she had “ongoing issues” with Lind and that he regularly approached her with his zipper down.

During an interview with police, Lind said he was attracted to the woman and admitted to ejaculating on her desk and in her coffee four separate times and using her scrunchy to wipe it up. He said he sometimes left his zipper down around her to get her attention.

The woman said she had thought the taste in her coffee was spoiled cream and that it had happened more than just four times.

Lind has been charged with two counts of fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, he faces up to one year in prison and $3,000 in fines on the first count and up to six months in prison and $1,500 in fines on the second count.