Slow and Steady: Historic Kutzky Home Relocated

Created: 09/03/2014 11:34 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- The historic Kutzky Home has officially been relocated in Rochester. It was voted to save that house and demolish it's seven neighboring homes to make room for an 83-unit apartment complex.

The historic Kutzky Home now faces First Street Southwest, rather than facing Center Street where it used to be. We asked the movers how they go about relocating a house of this size and also talked to nearby residents who watched as their neighborhood was transformed.

"No matter what your reaction is, you see it. If it was a tornado or something how would you feel? It's the same. It's's gone," said neighbor Arlene Hengel. She says it was hard enough to watch as seven of her neighbors homes were torn to the ground. "I understand two needed to come down but there are seven gone," she said.

Wednesday was another big transformation to her neighborhood. The Kutzky Home, the last of 8 that had to be removed for a new apartment complex, was lifted from its foundation and relocated. "We punched the holes in for the beams, then we installed the big longs beams, the two foot beams, put the cross beams in and tightened it up, and jacked it up and put the dollies in underneath," said Terry Semple with Semple Building Movers.

The roughly 165 ton home was moved by motor operated dollies, that went into very slow motion by just a switch of a lever. "We've moved bigger than this, a lot bigger," said Semple.

"It's fantastic. I've never seen anything like it," said spectator Dale Harris. That was a reaction that even Hengel shared, at just the ability to move a home of that magnitude. "Here they are with tires and hoses, and it’s kind of amazing," said Hengel. She says she's happy one home was saved, and hopes she can adjust to this transformation when all is said and done. "I feel very sad, and I hope that I feel good when they finish the whole thing, I hope I feel better," said Hengel.

Now that the home is in place, movers have to jack it up to remove the dollies. Then this week they'll put it on cribbing while they install the foundation underneath. The whole moving process is expected to be complete by Friday.