Domino's Pizza to be Served in Austin Schools

Updated: 09/03/2014 6:57 PM
Created: 09/03/2014 11:34 AM
By: Justin Thompson-Gee

(ABC 6 News) -- We don’t usually think of pizza as healthy, but Domino’s has created a healthier pizza and the Austin School District is buying,

"They’ve made a lot of good changes that really amount to a really tasty piece of pizza but also very healthy too,” says Austin Public School registered dietician Jen Haugen.

Students at Austin High School have three options at lunch time: the regular lunch menu, the salad bar, or go a la carte. Pizza is available a la carte every Tuesday and this year the school has switched from Godfather’s to Domino’s.

“Domino’s has done a lot of research and hard work in looking at their products and how they can improve them,” Haugen says.

Domino’s currently offers ten different types of pizzas as a part of their healthy pizza initiative from regular cheese pizza to kickin’ chicken pizza. The change in pizza provider is a result of new government regulations on school lunches.

Haugen says, “there were new guidelines this year for a la carte and that meant that we needed to have a whole grain rich offering and we needed to have limits on calories, sugar, sodium and fat.”

Domino’s has been working to make those changes and create a healthier pizza called Smart Slice, “a special whole wheat dough and low sodium pepperoni, low sodium sauce, and low sodium cheese so that each slice of cheese is no more than 300 calories,” Karen Riedel the assistant general manager of Austin’s Domino’s says.

“They have a whole grain crust that’s 51 percent whole grain which provides four grams of fiber per slice which is really good,” says Haugen.

Riedel adds, “every single topping is weighed so it definitely will fit the criteria that it has to meet,”

The first day of school on Tuesday was the first day Smart Slice was offered to students and the response from high schoolers was, the best they can tell, positive.

“We did sell out of the pizza so I think that’s good feedback,” Haugen says.

Photo: MGN