Campground Preparing for Big Crowds, Despite Possibility of Rain

Updated: 08/27/2014 7:02 PM
Created: 08/27/2014 7:01 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- It's been a summer of ups and downs when it comes to weather.

And with summer winding down, ABC 6 News thought it might be a good idea to see if our changeable weather had any impact on camping.

"Even though we had a slow start with the rain and a little bit of wind we have had an amazing, phenomenal year, said Tammy Westrich at the Jellystone Park Campground, just off I-90 east of Austin.

And part of that phenomenal year comes because campgrounds know that -- especially in a Minnesota summer -- rain happens.

"We have done activities in the rain, golf cart rodeo in the rain,” Westrich told us. “We do have a pavilion over here that has doors that can come up or down as needed.”

And as we get ready to put the wraps on another summer:

"Every weekend we have a lot to do, but Labor day weekend we want the kids to have fun,” Jellystone’s Alyssa Jenkins said.

"Labor day weekend is kind of like a tell-all; you have to go out with a bang," Westrich added.

And the way the forecast is shaping up, that bang could be the sound of thunder.

"Rain's not going to stop anybody," Westrich laughed.

“We have fun in the rain, water slides, so you're wet anyway,” Jenkins added. “When it's really hot, we'll play pool games."

Rain or shine, Brad Wilson will be there.

"We've been coming here for three years. We close our house and live here all summer,” he said.

"From about June to Labor day weekend, 1500 to 2000 every weekend,” Westrich told us.

And with labor day just around the corner, look for another big crowd at Jellystone park, regardless of the weather.

"We have been full, have been full probably since June.”

Photo: ABC 6 News