Neighbors React to Third Police Incident in Three Weeks Near School

Created: 08/18/2014 10:47 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- An Austin man faces potential charges of filing a false police report for an incident that lead to a 90 minute standoff.

Police swarmed the area of 1900 East Oakland Avenue across from Neveln Elementary School Monday afternoon.

A man allegedly told police his girlfriend and children were being held at gunpoint. He used a neighbor's phone to call for help. At some point police say he left the area. The man was later found and when police questioned him again they say his story didn't quite match up.

"Officers were able to get ahold of a responsible who came to the residence and advised officers that no one was at the residence. The officers did get a key and went through the residence and found no one there," said Chief Brian Krueger, Austin Police Department.

This is not the first incident in this area across from Neveln Elementary. 

"It's sad because we moved down here from the cities to get away from that stuff and then I come down here and I come outside and there's cops up and down my block," said neighbor, Shannon Rasmussen. She worries about the recent crime near her house.

"They were just at someone else's house, kind of getting bad down here," said Rasmussen.

Police were called to the area at least three times in the past three weeks. Monday's false alarm being one of them. The week before that, it was a drug bust. Police found two and a half grams of meth and marijuana at a residence on East Oakland Avenue. Austin Police also responded to report two weeks ago that a man had a hand gun on school property. The weapon in that case turned out to be a BB gun.

"Concerns? Of course there's always concerns," said neighbor, Dana Strom, but he says a spike in crime is expected in the summer. "The problems aren't just isolated to this part of town. The best thing that we can do as a community and neighborhood is just to be aware of what's going on," said Strom.

Something many parents are doing.

"We don't go out after dark the kids don't we just stay in, mind our own business and then if we see something going on like that, we just go back home and stay in our house, it's the safest place to go," said Rasmussen.