Brede, Maves to Face Off in Rochester Mayor Race

Updated: 08/13/2014 6:38 PM
Created: 08/12/2014 11:11 PM
By: Steph Crock

ABC 6 News) -- Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede will face challenger Cindy Maves come November. 

Tuesday's primary election results show Brede with more than 50 percent of the votes, Maves at just below 30 percent. 

We spoke with both of them Wednesday, as they now turn their focus to the general election.

"We're excited, and energized, and ready to go forward," said Maves.

"I'm certainly very pleased and I'm certainly not overconfident either. Things can change, but it is a good feeling," said Brede.

Maves says it wasn't surprising that Brede got the majority of the votes Tuesday night. 

"I think it came out a lot like what I thought it would come out at," said Maves. I expected our city mayor to have a lot of name recognition and I know I still need to work at that, but yeah, I was real pleased with the way it came out."

She hopes to shake things up a bit, by taking Mayor Brede's seat that he's held now for twelve years. "I've been active in speaking out on different issues, and in a lot of ways, I've been more active as a private citizen in the past five years on those issues than our city mayor has been," said Maves.

Mayor Brede feels differently. 

"It's proven leadership. I've been here through this. I have worked very hard to get legislation passed with DMC and with our Mayo Civic Center bonding," said Brede.

He pointed out the city's recent accomplishments, especially the passage of DMC. 

"To be on that board and then to see this stuff starting to be implemented over the next two, three, four years… that's what’s exciting," said Brede.

However, Maves says she has also been very involved and hopes to one day prove that as mayor. 

"I think I would be a good candidate because I've been following the government for the past five years. I've been going to the city council meetings, I have been going to county meetings, I've been going to school board meetings," said Maves.

The general election will take place November 4th.