Local Zombies Washed Cars to Raise Funds for the Rochester Civic Theater

Created: 08/02/2014 11:20 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- A car wash with a musical performance and dance is hard to come by.

But in Rochester a group of students thought, "Why not?".  And to add to it, they dressed as zombies.

The Otherwise Actors do this every summer to raise money for the education department of the Rochester Civic Theater.

Drivers can pick from three musical washes or three zombie washes for a few extra dollars.

The idea came fours ago and Denise Ruemping, director of the program, this group does not do anything in a normal way, "We were talking about potential fundraisers someday and we said lets do a car wash, but of course this group can't do anything normally so we have to do something creative and theatrical, we thought well what if we did a car wash where they sit in the car and they get a performance while they're at it and then someone said we could dance for them."

The group also does a fundraiser in the fall and in the spring.

The events include a 24-hour play festival and a haunted theater tour.

Local zombies raise funds for the Rochester Civic Theater by washing cars.