Burglary Suspects' Car Caught On Trail Cam

Created: 07/30/2014 6:57 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- Authorities in southern Minnesota and northern Iowa believe they've just scratched the surface in their investigation into a burglary ring.

And it was a dose of luck that brought the ring to light in the first place.

"It's a farm house we use on the weekend, and every couple of years we have a break in," burglary victim Dan Block told us.

“We received a call from Mr. Block end of last week," Mitchell County, Iowa sheriff Greg Beaver explained.

“Somebody broke into our garage and stole the battery out of our tractor," Block said of his property in rural Mitchell County.

“And that he may have captured the suspect's vehicle on trail cam," Beaver added.

“I called the sheriff's office and they said ‘oh my, we'd like to see that,'" Block added.

“One of my investigators went and met with Mr. Block," Beaver continued the story.

“He said the battery's not a big theft, but we're going to get a warrant and we're going to search their property," added Block.

“My officer ran the plate initially, found out who the registered owner was, and then we took our information and contacted the Mower County sheriff's department," Beaver told ABC6.

“It was registered to an individual in Brownsdale," said Mower County Sheriff Terese Amazi.

The owner was 37 year old Shane Rose, and Saturday law enforcement officers executed search warrants at rose's home, along with several vehicles and a storage building in Brownsdale.

"And in all of those properties including the vehicles, stolen property was found," said Amazi.

"We believe right now they are responsible for five burglaries in Mitchell county," Beaver said.

“As serial numbers emerge, I'm certain we'll have more counties involved," Amazi told us.

"We have talked to some neighboring counties, and we believe they have some burglaries that may also be related to this," Beaver added.

“We've got thousands and thousands worth of power tools and drugs and weapons," said Amazi.

“Right place at the right time,” said Block.

We asked Mitchell County sheriff Greg beaver if luck is a valuable law enforcement tool: “I'll take it every time," he said with a smile.

Three people face drug and weapons charges in connection with the investigation. Additional charges are expected.

Photo: ABC 6 News