Town of 500 Raises $70,000 to Honor Veterans

Updated: 07/26/2014 10:50 PM
Created: 07/26/2014 10:46 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 News) -- A town with less than 500 people managed to raise $70,000 dollars to revamp its park and build a memorial for their veterans. 

The memorial is a small layout with a marble plaque at the front, grounded with many bricks that are etched with the names of past and present veterans from Stacyville, Iowa. 

The idea was to sell bricks to the community, with each member thinking of a veteran that they would like to commemorate and add to the memorial. All they needed was 50 bricks with 50 names, at least at first. 

"The very first number that got shout out was fifty bricks, if we could sell fifty bricks, we'd be happy," said Commander Glenn Cimmigotti. 

But in Stacyville, Iowa, there's more names than that. They are names of those that have served this country, names of veterans who are gone and veterans who will go. 

It wasn't clear how many bricks would be carved with the name of a veteran before the memorial was built. 

"There's absolutely no reason that I don't think we can put that goal at 250," said Cimmigotti. 

Stacyville has a population of 468. The town's Veterans Memorial now has a total of 466 bricks. 

"I stand before you, with a ton of pride, that in our first order of bricks for this memorial there was 466 bricks," said Cimmigotti. 

A small town can have a big-family feel. 

"We've been in town for 63 years," said veteran Alex Blake. 

Blake found his brick easily, even though it was surrounded by many other names in every direction. 

"Every thing is close together, if anyone's been in the service, you know that they're very close with other comrades," said Cimmigotti. 

Close-together, that sums up the community of Stacyville. When committee members revealed the memorial to the public, the ceremony brought together a lot more people than initially expected. 

"But this memorial is not complete. It is our hope that this is a living and growing monument," said Cimmigotti. 

They will need another estimate of bricks soon, but for the tight-knit, military family of Stacyville, they will likely round up.  

A town with less than 500 people managed to raise $70,000 dollars to revamp its park and build a memorial for their veterans.