Sheriff Kindler, Deputy Glazier Respond to Investigation

Updated: 07/25/2014 11:32 PM
Created: 07/25/2014 11:22 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 News) -- Freeborn County Deputy Dale Glazier received a short text message Thursday. 

"When I did get the text, I got called into what was going on and said you got to come to work right now," said Deputy Glazier.

Glazier was put on paid administrative leave in May after a complaint was filed against him. In the end, the Rochester Police Department, which lead the investigation into the alleged misconduct, said he should be allowed to return to work and that the complaint was not sustained.

His first day back at work was only 55 minutes long.   And like that day, Deputy Glazier says conversations between him and Sheriff Bob Kindler are kept short.

"There is no communication, there's zero working together," said Glazier.

Glazier believes it all began when he decided to run for Sheriff, but incumbent Sheriff Bob Kindler says it is strictly a coincidence.

"The day the complaint was received was the same day that he filed for election," said Sheriff Kindler.

The claims of misconduct from Glazier reports that he threatened kids while at a baseball gathering for his son. Glazier says he was there as a parent, outside of hours and outside of uniform. He said he was talking to the kids about preventing bullying.

"It said I tormented kids at practice, I never once went to a baseball practice," said Glazier, who said he was at his son's school at the time following a baseball game.

Sheriff Bob Kindler says there are no ill feelings towards Glazier because of his run for Kindler's position. To avoid any conflict of interest, he disengaged himself from the investigation for another agency to investigate.

"I certainly wanted to treat this as fairly as I possibly could, I didn't want any involvement of myself," said Kindler.

After the Rochester Police Department took over the personnel investigation, Kindler says he hardly had any exposure to the details of the complaint.

Officials say discipline will not be warranted and the Olmsted County Attorney's Office will not pursue criminal charges.

Deputy Glazier tells us he is still running for Freeborn County Sheriff.  The November election is a three-way race between Sheriff Kindler, Deputy Glazier and Deputy Kurt Freitag.