Concerns of Speeding on Marion Road

Updated: 07/24/2014 7:07 PM
Created: 07/24/2014 7:06 PM
By: Stephanie Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- A Rochester woman is looking for a solution to a speeding problem in her neighborhood. She says drivers are going well over the speed limit and has shared her concern with neighbors saying, there aren't enough speed limit signs posted.


"I think if you stood here a few minutes you'll see them yourself!" said Theresa Abraham. She lives just outside of Rochester along Marion Road.

She's been at this same home for almost 30 years and says the fast traffic has never been this out of control.

"In fact, yesterday my daughter was almost hit by two kids that were speeding down Marion Road and she was coming to take a left down at the corner here," said Abraham.

"Marian Road, we've gotten a few calls and we've done a few speed studies in the past I know. We've had patrols go out and do speed checks for us. They usually check and see what the 80 percentile speeds are running at and to see if we need to do a speed study," said Olmsted County Transportation Supervisor Scott Holmes.

At the edge of town, the 45 speed limit along Marion Road ends, but there's no signage of the new speed when you head further out of town. In fact, there's no signage for miles. "If it says begin 45, end 45, that kind of controls what the next speed would be," said Holmes.

The speed limit is 55 there, but how are people supposed to know? "If it says end 45 and there's not a speed sign, it would be 55 miles an hour," said Holmes. He says there's actually a statute that says all county highways are 55mph if they're not marked, and it town, its 30mph.

Still, Abraham believes drivers need that extra reminder to slow down. "Well I'm just afraid for the people that walk and ride bikes down Marion Road. Is it going to take someone being killed to get the speed limit signs up so people slow down a little?" she said.

Speed studies are conducted by law enforcement to determine if the speed limit in that area should go up or down.

Photo: ABC 6 News