Child's Birthday Wish: Books for Other Kids

Created: 07/16/2014 10:23 AM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Part of the excitement of having a birthday as a kid is the presents. A lot of kids ask for new games or the latest toys.

But one Hollandale girl had a different idea.

Six-year-old Vienna Loverink is a little girls of little words. But her heart is anything but little.       

"We were looking online and realized there's so many kids who don't even have books. Could you imagine that? Like I can't imagine," said Stefanie Loverink, Vienna's mom.

"We had asked that we would not have presents, we would just have everyone bring books," said Stefanie. 

No new games. She didn't ask for the latest frozen doll, or a cute pink bicycle. All Vienna wanted for her birthday, was books for other kids. 

"We had a smaller goal and we exceeded the goal. I was hoping for about 200 books and we went above and beyond that," said Stefanie. 

The idea caught on, and the books started piling in. In all, they collected more than 400 books. While they were looking for places to send those books, they decided to keep it local.  

"We don't have a library here in town. So we thought this would be a good place to have one and hopefully it expands," said Stefanie. 

The books are going to go in the family's front yard, in a little free library. A library that could hopefully give kids in the area a chance to read for years to come, all because of little Vienna's very big heart. 

Habitat for Humanity in Austin is building the hut that the free books will be held in. The Loverinks are hoping to be up and running by early August. 

Photo: ABC 6 News