FEMA Officials Visit Dodge County

Created: 07/15/2014 7:12 PM
By: Hannah Tran

(ABC 6 News) -- It's the latest attempt to get federal dollars to help clean up the damage that’s left after last month's flooding.

A number of Minnesota counties are looking for aid and many of them are getting it. On Tuesday, Dodge County made their own request.

For Larry Edgar, and other district officials in Dodge County, it's time to add up, write down, and show the digits of the damage to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"We did some estimating on how much rock loss there was at the time and I guess we were pretty close to what we estimated," said Edgar.

Add that up for each provision in Dodge County and that's a preliminary spreadsheet for FEMA considerations that, hopefully, will deem them as needy areas for federal help.

"Right now, we're doing a validation and verification of damages," said FEMA Media Specialist Maria Pardon.

Minnesota has already reached 7.3 million dollars in flood damage for FEMA help, but at first that only included certain portions of the state, now other counties are raising their hands, too,  increasing the total amount of damage substantially. 

"It all depends on the population of the county, they have to have a threshold," said Pardon.

Imagine that each individual costs $3.50. Multiply that figure, 3.5, by the population number of a particular city, county, or township. Then, that is an estimate of a threshold that an area has to meet to receive FEMA aid.

For Dodge County, the threshold is around $70,000.

"If the declaration goes through and Dodge County is included, then we're eligible," said the county's Emergency Management Director, Matt Maas.

They're well over $413,000 dollars. FEMA help is a likely possibility for Dodge County.

After damage assessments are collected, FEMA officials from the state and federal level will give their findings to Governor Dayton's office. A formal disaster declaration is expected to be drafted afterwards.

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