Police Asking Public for Help in Finding Robbery Suspect

Created: 07/09/2014 6:54 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Investigators say they've hit a wall and are looking for your help in catching a suspect responsible for a shooting at the Eastwood Grocery store in Rochester. The incident happened almost exactly a month ago, one person was shot before the suspect got away.


Police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect, who they believe tried to rob the grocery store at gunpoint. "When he came in, he pulled out the gun and my friend was near the door, he hit it," said store owner Nasir Hassan. He was there at the time and watched as his friend and the suspect wrestled out the front door. Sometime in the scuffle, a shot was fired.

"The suspect then shot the helper for the store owner, and shot him in the shoulder, got up, and fled the scene," said Steven Beery, Investigator with the Rochester Police Department. He tells us the victim is expected to recover, but the suspect is still on the loose.

"We need the public's support to find that suspect," said Hassan.

"I would like to solve the case for the victim who got shot, also for the store owner, and also for the community at large, to hopefully get an identification of the suspect and get him prosecuted and removed from the streets so the community is a safer place," said Beery.

Police are looking for him and whoever was in the getaway vehicle around back. "I believe the driver was an active participant in the incident," said Beery. We’re told police have gotten leads, but those didn’t pan out. "Right now with all of the traditional ways of doing it, I’m coming up with nothing, so I’m just hoping the community can help out to solve the case," said Beery.

Hassan says he's confident the suspect will pay. "Whether it takes a month or year, this person, he will get justice," said Beery.

Police believe that the suspect and store owner do not know each other. Anyone is urged to call police if they have any information.