Local Campground Flooded Over Holiday Weekend

Updated: 07/06/2014 10:45 PM
Created: 07/06/2014 9:36 PM
By: Meghan Reistad

(ABC 6 News) -- Many local campgrounds were at capacity this weekend, but some are still recovering from high water. Bass Camp Resort in Minnesota City was left with flooded campsites and a fraction of guests, on a typically busy weekend.

One of the owners, Mike Rolbiecki said the Mississippi is seven feet higher than normal and with nearly 160 campsites, 70 cannot be used.  

“Really hard on business, we’ve lost quite a bit this year,” said Rolbiecki. “It’s a mess all over, the trees that flowed in, we gotta cut that all out of here.”

At this point, the river is going down, but not fast enough.

“Normally this time of year, on 4th of July weekend, we’d be packed here, turning people down and this year we’ve had hardly anybody in,” said Rolbiecki. “I think we’ve had about six boats in all weekend, where we normally have about 500.”

The Mississippi River has swept away decks, left campers without electricity and forced some to relocate to higher ground; However, it is not stopping determined visitors from their vacations.

 “Quite an experience we’ve been here about four years, both stayed as children, and this is probably one of the worst we’ve seen,” said Darwin Deyo. “Through heck or high water we’ve going to try to be here.”

“We just do what we have to do to keep going,” said Rolbiecki.