Teen's Special Gift to Mayo Clinic

Created: 07/02/2014 7:07 PM
By: Meghan Reistad

Jodeci Buck was 7-years-old when she first decided to help others. She often visited Mayo when her 9-year-old sister was going through chemotherapy treatments. 

“They took me to a room to get a present while she was getting her treatment. On the way home, I just thought, ‘hmm maybe for my 7th birthday, I could collect a bunch of toys and give them back,’” said Jodeci Buck.

Today, she decided to give back, again.

“There’s a lot more than I had last time. That was my goal, to break that,” said Buck.

She has collected more than 200 gifts to give kids at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center. Instead of asking for cash, she requested toys for graduation gifts.

“She brought it up to me when we were talking about her graduation invites and we were talking about her party. When she said it, I thought, ‘this is wonderful,’” said Amy Buck.

“It’s nice to give back to all the kids, with what my sister was going through and what these kids are going through, to see that smile on their face when they get that present,” said Buck.

Jodeci said she wants to work with kids with special needs after college and plans to attend a tech college this August.

“It’s honestly the best feeling in the world to just give back to everyone here,” said Buck.