Some North Iowa Groups to Miss Yearly Casino Payouts

Created: 07/02/2014 7:05 PM
By: Dan Conradt

It's awarded more than $29 million dollars in community betterment funds.

But while the money will still be there this fall, the way it's distributed is going to be a little bit different.

"We understand we won't be able to apply for grants this next round," said Northwood, Iowa city administrator and clerk Amber Julseth.

The Worth County Development Authority is the organization that distributes proceeds from revenue generated by the casino ...5.76% of the revenue.

"We do not count on grants, so anything we do receive is a bonus, is an extra," city administrator Amber Julseth told us.

46.5%  of the funds going to the WCDA is designated for education and another 46.5% is given as grants.

"The city of Northwood has applied for WCDA grants anywhere in the range from $8,000-$180,000," Amber Julseth said.

And it's that slice of the pie -- about $800,000, on average -- that will be distributed differently this fall. Instead of the usual grant process, it's being earmarked for a project that would run a natural gas line to the area.

"I can only see that helping development and bring more business and more activity out there," Northwood city administrator/clerk Amber Julseth said.

"We get over $400,000, almost $500,000 dollars  a year, depending on the year," said Northwood-Kensett schools superintendent Michael Crozier.

The money earmarked by the WCDA for education will not be affected by the fall change, and that includes the scholarships given to graduating high school seniors from Worth county who plan to seek post-secondary education.

"With each student receiving between $7,800 and $7,900 dollars for college," N-K superintendent Michael Crozier said.

The change will also not affect the 7%t of the WCDA funds ear-marked for Worth county.

"We'll just hold onto our ideas, and wait until the spring of 2015 to apply for more grants," Northwood city administrator Amber Julseth said.

Photo: ABC 6 News