Salvation Army Collecting Food During Austin Parade

Created: 07/01/2014 5:53 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- You might want to take more than just sun screen and a lawn chair when you head out to Austin’s Independence Day parade this week.

This year’s parade is going to feature something different.

"Instead of throwing out food we're actually going to be asking for food," said the Austin salvation Army’s Lt. David Amick.

For the Austin Salvation Army, this year's Fourth-of-July parade will be a chance to replenish the food shelf.

"We're actually going to be in the parade, marching in with everyone else and taking donations" Lt. David Amick explained.

“We're going to bring our canteen down and then we're going to have about four shopping carts behind it. Then each of the four shopping carts we're going to have empty boxes. Every time someone donates, the volunteers will take the food and they'll put it in the box. When the box fills up, they'll bring it to the canteen and grab another box."

And food shelf demand is high right now.

"In May we had about 330 households that came for food. In June, that number went up another hundred households," Amick explained.

And it’s not a coincidence the jump came between May and June

“When school gets out, I think we see an increase because kids don't have school to go to for lunches,” Amick told ABC6.

The Army hopes to collect five thousand pounds of food in this year's parade.

"Our volunteers will be looking for non-perishables, whether it's cans or boxes, our big two things right now that we constantly seem to be looking for is cereal and peanut butter," Lt. David Amick said.

Austin's Independence Day parade begins at 11 o'clock Friday morning.

Photo: ABC 6 News