Runners Bounce Through Insane Inflatable 5K

Updated: 06/28/2014 10:46 PM
Created: 06/28/2014 6:50 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Runners spent Saturday bouncing their way through the Insane Inflatable 5K.

This is the first year the event has been in Minnesota, with only four prior Insane Inflatable 5K races around the country.

“We custom made these insanely large obstacle, placed them throughout the course and gave people a chance to be a kid again,” said Director of Events Stuart Kaul.

The event was held at Gamehaven Scout Reservation. Prior to Saturday, the reservation had never hosted such a large crowd.

“This is the most people we’ve ever had on our property at one time,” said Camp Operations Manager Dustin Olson.

More than 2,000 runners laced up to run, climb and bounce their way through the course.

“We’ve seen a lot of people share with their friends and say, ‘hey guys, let’s come out and do this as a team. Let’s try something different,'” said Kaul.

Not only was the event a fun time for participants, but it raised funds for the reservation as well.

“Some of that will go to campers that can’t afford to go to summer camp. It helps out with paying our staff members, supporting this facility,” said Olson.

For some, crossing the finish line means achieving a goal.

“Words can’t explain how good I feel to be able to do this. I haven’t ran this far in 32 years,” said Mark Theis. “A year ago, I started losing weight and my goal was to run a 5K. I lost 73 pounds and this is my 2nd 5K I’ve ran.”

Others, came to show support for family and friends.

“We are a part of the Addie All-Star group and we are cheering on Addie, she’s 20-months-old. She had a kidney transplant on Monday,” said Andrea Day.

After a large crowd this year, organizers say the 5K will be back next year.

“We aren’t here to have a competitive athlete come here and try to win this. In fact, we don’t time our race. We really just want people to come out here and have a good time,” said Kaul.

Photo: ABC 6 News
Rain or shine, the 5K still takes place because a little water makes the obstacles even more interesting for participants.