MnDOT Clears Mudslide from Roads

Created: 06/27/2014 9:38 PM
By: Meghan Reistad

Highway 250 Campground received 5.8 inches of rain last night. So far, the rain has not caused any damage, but with more rain on the way, it could be a different story soon.

 “Soil can only handle so much water when it’s saturated,” said Highway 250 Campground Owner John Hungerholt.

Just down the road from the campground, rainfall has already started causing problems.

“We had a mudslide, numerous mudslides and we just responded accordingly,” said Joel Kroening from MnDOT. “With heavy rainfall, the ground gets saturated and eventually the vegetation lets go. The ground can only hold so much water, so it has to go somewhere.”

A local excavation business is starting to feel the weight of the rain as well.

“That’s just the way it is. When you’re seasonal and you’re working with the weather… It’s been a real good spring and it was going good until this last little siege here,” said Ron Scheevel from Scheevel & Sons Inc.

Beyond the rain making businesses more difficult to run, it can also cause safety issues.

“Water over the road, best thing you can do is turn around, head back call 911,” said Kroening.

“Hopefully we can get all the campers out of here before there are any problems. Start at the lowest end and work our way up. We’ve done it before, and it’ll probably happen again sometime. Just don’t want it to happen now,” said Hungerholt.

At this point, businesses are taking steps to prevent flooding and ultimately waiting to see what happens.

“We lost a few campers last year… we’re just hoping for the best. Hope the rain stays away,” said Hungerholt.