Chardonnay House Begins to be Torn Down

Created: 06/19/2014 7:27 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

Despite best efforts by many community members, demolition has begun on the historic Chardonnay House near downtown Rochester.

"Some things hit the end of the road,” said Jeff Allman, Chair of Rochester’s Heritage Preservation Commission. 

You may not be able to see it driving by on 2nd Street Southwest, but the back room of the Chardonnay House is now sitting in piles. 

The Rochester City Council okayed the demolition permit last month and we're told by neighbors that tear down started Thursday morning. From the looks of it, the kitchen on the back of the house is the first room to be torn down. The owners and several other residents have tried to save the historic home.

We talked to the Chardonnay homeowner, Curt Schuster, last month, "We've been trying, we've been turning over the stones trying to find buyers or different uses," said Owner Curt Shuster, back in May. 

It even received national attention from HGTV’s restoration expert Nicole Curtis. “There are so many important, historical homes and buildings in this city that it's really important that this one gets saved," Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis told ABC 6 News last month. 

Despite the effort of many community members to save it. "We offered free design service to any buy that would come take it,” said Allman. Thursday the historic home started to come down.

Many of you have been weighing in on the demolition on our Facebook page, wondering if some of the antique woodwork in the house can be salvaged. Owner, Curt Schuster responded saying, "Everything that could be salvaged was,” replied Schuster, in a Facebook post. 

"Well, I’m not happy the house is going down, I think it's ok, sometimes buildings find the end of their life just like people do,” said Allman. 

We’re told there is a perspective buyer for the land the chardonnay house sits on. For now, most of the house remains standing. We'll keep you updated on any new developments.

Photo: ABC 6 News