Albert Lea Dealing With High water

Created: 06/19/2014 5:46 PM

It was another day of high water … or, in some cases, HIGHER water after another round of early-morning thunderstorms.

"We deal with water problems every year. I think what is somewhat different this time around is how quickly it did rise," said Albert Lea police lieutenant J. D. Carlson.

It's one of the main streets leading into the downtown business district. But on Thursday, the only thing moving on Albert Lea's east main street was water.

"You'll notice around town a number of areas that have barricades around them. If you see a barricade, don't drive around them," Lt. J. D. Carlson told us.

“If you see standing water, that's not barricaded don't attempt to drive through it. You don't know what's underneath it."

And water problems aren't limited to Albert Lea's streets.

"We have a number of docks around Fountain Lake that are submerged, and boats floating around Fountain Lake," Carlson said.

“Maybe tie down your dock or make sure your boat is secured."

And with the city's sanitary sewer system experiencing extremely high flow, Albert Lea residents are being urged to limit water use however possible. And if you're using a sump pump ...

"Your sump pump should be pumped back into your back yard rather than into your basement drainage system," Carlson said. And it's against city ordinance to run your sump pump into the street.

"We're hoping for good weather soon so the drainage system can catch up," Carlson said.

Photo: ABC 6 News