Albert Lea Offering Free Debris Drop-off

Created: 06/18/2014 10:31 PM
By: John Doetkott

As the rains returned once again Tuesday night, so too did howling winds that took down trees and power lines.
Crews across the area worked to restore electrical service, and in Alden where some of the worst damage was reported, volunteers spent Wednesday morning helping clean up Kevin Schewe's Lakeside Auto.
"[It] pulled the roof right off the shop at about 3:30 this morning,” Schewe said. “Laid it on Highway 109 in the middle of the road."
For many in Albert Lea, clean-up efforts ended at the city's transfer station near the intersection of County Rd. 101 and County Rd. 20.
"I called them up and they said free of charge, just drop it off here,” said Mike Heilmann, who dropped two large loads of branches at the station on Wednesday. “That's pretty nice of Albert Lea to do that."
And there was plenty of debris to go around.
"I was over at my daughter's house, helping her clean up her mess and she had tons of branches all over the back of her yard,” said Dennis Schmidt, who lives in Albert Lea. “This is my second trip out here just trying to clean up the debris."
"I don't know how fast the wind was, it had to be 50-60 miles per hour,” Heilmann said. “We have 50-foot trees, cottonwood trees, that limbs were busting and breaking and bouncing off our roof."
People continued to show up throughout the afternoon with load after load of snapped branches and limbs, splintered reminders of the storm's power.
"When I first got here it was just level,” Schmidt said. “And now it's already full just a couple hours later."
The Albert Lea Transfer Station will be accepting storm debris free of charge until June 28th.

Photo: ABC 6 News