Be Aware of Washed out Roads

Created: 06/18/2014 6:55 PM
By: Brianna Long

All the rain over the past two days is causing some serious damage to homes, and roads in the area. Part of the road was washed out on County Road 4, about a mile-and-a-half east of Highway 56.

"It's pretty amazing. All the roads around us here. There was water going over the roads, just because it came down so fast," said neighbor Bruce Beukema. He's lived in his home, down the road for 30 years. He says he has never seen a road in his neighborhood take such a hit.

According to the Dodge County Sheriff, the road washed out during Monday night's rain. By Wednesday morning, the barricades had blown over, and he did see one car trying to get through.

Officials aren't sure exactly when the road will be repaired. They say it could take some time, with more rain in the forecast. And because of that rain, neighbors like Bruce say, they're going to be a little more careful before hitting the road this week.

"I think people now are sensitized to that road damage. We're on top of a hill here, so getting floods up here, very unusual," said Beukema.

We've all probably heard the phrase, 'turn around, don't drown,' and this is exactly why its so important. Underneath a little water on the road, could be something like County Road 4.

Photo: ABC 6 News