Local Youth Charities Benefiting From Penn State Scandal

Created: 06/16/2014 10:43 PM

(ABC 6 News) --  Some good coming out of a very bad situation.  We've learned Rochester non-profits will be receiving thousands of dollars and it all stems from the penn state sex abuse scandal.
We talked with the programs in our area receiving the unexpected funding and they tell us, it comes as a wonderful surprise.

"It's a wonderful day," says Rochester Area Family Y's Executive Director Steve Courts received some exciting news Monday.   They are receiving nearly $26,000 from the University of Minnesota Rochester.

"The funding is unexpected and with it not part of the budget, is amazing," says Courts.

Rather, its part of the millions of dollars being forfeited from Penn State University from the Jerry Sandusky case.  The funds are part of the sanctions from the university's share of Big Ten Bowl revenues from 2012 to 2016.
The total for this year -- 2.752 million, of which the University of Minnesota is getting $229,368.  This year University President Eric Kaler is sharing the funding with its five campuses including Rochester.

University of Minnesota Rochester is getting nearly $46 thousand.  The school will divide that among three charities that support youth.  The Rochester Area Family Y will get the majority at $25,870, the Rochester Boys and Girls Club will receive $10,000 and another $10,000 to the United Way of Olmsted County.

"We are very knowledgeable of their success and their dynamics of their youth development programs," says UMR Chancellor Stephen Lehmkuhle, "I'm very confident that those resources being invested into those organizations will be well used."

"Knowing the circumstances in where the money came to us from, I understand there is some controversy, but from our perspective, we're happy it put those funds to good use," says Executive Director Jodi Millerbernd with the Rochester Boys and Girls Club.

The Boys and Girls Club will use their funding towards program operations focusing primarily on academic success.

"We do amazing things for kids everyday and the more support we have the more dynamic our programming can be," says Millerbernd.
As for the YMCA, the funding will add to the programs annual scholarship funding.
"That's the money to help families that can't afford the programs and membership," says Courts.

"I think thats a win win for both the institutions and the organizations its helping."