Mayo Civic Center Expansion Expected to Bring in $370 Million to Local Economy

Created: 06/13/2014 9:44 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- It took eight years, a state budget surplus and Minnesota legislators approving a bonding bill that included a $35 million dollar funding for the expansion of the Mayo Civic Center.

Governor Mark Dayton signed the Jobs Bill into law last month, providing the money needed for this expansion project.

More than one thousand jobs are expected to come with the project adding to the overall economy of the area.

The expanded Mayo Civic Center will bring an estimated $370 million to Rochester's economy.

According to Governor Dayton this comes just in time for much talked about DMC, "The city is participating and this, combined with the DMC is going to be transformative for Rochester and for the economy here."

The will expand the Civic Center by 188,000 square feet. It is expected to host events and conventions from around the world.

The Mayo Civic Center expansion is expected to bring in $370 million to the economy.