Dodge County Issues Reward for Finding Vandals

Created: 06/03/2014 6:23 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Officials in Dodge County are cleaning up, after vandals hit the fairgrounds with spray paint. It caused quite a bit of damage, and now the police department is offering a $100 reward for anyone with information.

"It’s frustrating, because you work so hard to get things looking nice for the fair and everything," said Marilyn Lermon, the President of the Dodge County Fair. She says she was shocked when she got word the fairgrounds had been vandalized.

"They've done more damages. They threw a rock at our concession stand window, they broke that. There's other things that were damaged around the fairgrounds over the winter too," said Lermon.

A can of spray paint only costs about $5. But once you spray it onto a building like this, it can cause quite a bit of damage. Damage that's going to cost the county more than $5,000 to clean up.

"The paint they used is impossible to get off. And so everything's going to have to be repainted," said Lermon.

"There's other things we should be doing as a police department, not chasing people around who are spray painting property," said Officer Jason Peck, with the Kasson Police Department.

It wasn't just the fairgrounds. Last week, some propane tanks at Greenway were hit. And now, the Kasson Police department is offering a $100 reward in the case.

"It seems like a joke sometimes. But in reality, it’s costing people money who have to repair the damage done by the vandalism. So its really important we find out who's doing that so we can get it to stop," said Officer Peck.

Once they do find out who's doing it, Marilyn has her own ideas as to what should happen with them.

"If they want to come back and volunteer, I've got lots of jobs they could do during the fair, if they want to volunteer, help us out," said Lermon.

The total damages done at the fair add up to $6800.

Photo: ABC 6 News