FBI: Minnesota residents may have gone to Syria

Created: 06/03/2014 2:01 PM

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The FBI in Minneapolis is seeking the public's help in tracking down anyone who may have left Minnesota to fight in Syria.           

FBI spokesman Kyle Loven says authorities have "indications" some individuals have recently left Minnesota and traveled overseas.           

He says it is likely they made their way to Syria or are headed there, and the FBI has concerns that the individuals have joined the fight against President Bashar Assad's government.           

He did not elaborate, and says the investigation is active.           

Loven says authorities are trying to figure out how recruiting is happening.           

Authorities are reaching out to the area's Somali community to identify at-risk youth who may be vulnerable.           

The FBI has posted a public request for information on its website. Anyone with information can call (763) 569-8020.