Railroad Theft Prompts Concern

Created: 05/28/2014 6:32 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Theft along some train tracks could have resulted in a very serious problem.
Canadian Pacific reported to the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office that almost 20 spikes and plates were stolen off of train tracks in Eyota Township. We're told it's a low speed track, mainly used to store cars, but with these spikes and plates removed, there's a bigger chance of derailment.
Canadian Pacific asked we don't go directly on the tracks, but at the 11500 block of 19th Street SE, where the track curves, is where officers found 10 to 15 yards of missing spikes and plates. Seventeen spikes and plates were stolen in all, that's a $700 value, but the risk of derailment would be far most costly. "They really believe that this could potentially be intentional, that somebody was actually trying to get a train to derail in the area,” said Olmsted County Sheriff Dave Mueller.
Canadian Pacific tells us they have not confirmed the motive behind this, but told the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office that it doesn’t look like the work of a metal scrapper. The good news is, it's a low speed track and the nearest home or business is at least a mile away.
The thefts happened sometime between May 10th and the 26th. No one's been arrested for the crime. The sheriff's office urges you to call if you have any information on a possible suspect.

Photo: ABC 6 News