Living with Deadly Consequences of Drunk Driving

Created: 05/23/2014 6:32 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Memorial Day weekend is known as the official kickoff to summer, but for one local woman, it's become the most difficult weekend of the year.
It was exactly 5 years ago, Rita Seha was celebrating the birth of her baby boy with her closest loved ones. They were traveling back to Rochester together, when their van was stuck by a drunk driver. Nearly everyone was killed, five people in all, except for Rita and the drunk driver. On this anniversary, she remembers them and shares an important message for people traveling on this holiday weekend.
"On May 23rd, 2009, she lost her fiancé, daughter, friend, grandchild, and new born son. Their van was struck by a drunk driver. "You can't put in words what I miss, the hugs, the memories that I can't make with them anymore…" said Rita.
Five white crosses stand at the intersection where the accident happened. She has them along the highway so that everyone who passes by, will get the message. "If you chose to get behind the wheel when you’re drinking, that could happen to you,” said Minnesota State Trooper Thomas Wright.
That choice may not only kill almost an entire family, it'll change your life. We talked to the man who drove drunk that night, he's still in jail "Now I’ve got to deal with the aftermath of what actually happened," the driver, Christopher Frisch, told us last year around this time.
“Christopher would say the same thing, don’t do it. He didn't think he was too drunk to drive, well it was enough to kill 5 people and injure me and himself for life," said Rita.
Though Rita says her life will never be the same, she uses all her strength to share this story for the safety of other families. “I just have to take a couple deep breaths and just know that I’m left here on earth to get the message out and they're up in heaven making sure I do it," said Rita.
Christopher Frisch, the drunk driver in that tragic accident, will be released from prison in April. Rita says she has forgiven him and the two are even planning to speak at events together to spread awareness on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Photo: ABC 6 News