Two Chases, Two Outcomes in Rochester

Created: 05/22/2014 6:33 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) – An early morning car chase ends with a heroic take-down.
The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Kasson Police contacted Olmsted County dispatch to inform them of a pursuit that was coming their way. After several close encounters with police, the car was spotted abandoned in Rochester. The car crashed somewhere on 7th Avenue NW and the suspect ran toward the 4300 block.
"I heard my mom yelling and so I came out of my bedroom because she was yelling, 'get out of our house, get out of our house', and I had no clue what was going on," said Karissa Beilke. She woke up Thursday morning to quite the commotion. "Then I heard someone yelling outside, so I went over to the kitchen window and my dad is out on the lawn and had tackled this guy," said Karissa.
That guy was Randy Rocha, police say. He's the one accused of fleeing from police near Kasson, crashing his car in Rochester, and taking off by foot. "Officers got into the area and began to set up perimeter," said Capt. John Sherwin with Rochester Police.
"Police say he wound up in Karissa's back yard, spotted an open window, and went for it. "It's just kind of creepy to think that someone broke into our house. I live on the upstairs level and they were in the basement, and she heard it, and I had no idea," said Karissa.
Her mom saw him first, then her dad stepped in. "My mom and I were just both freaked out, and he just got the guy in a headlock, tackled him on the lawn," said Karissa. Her dad brought the suspect outside, and was clearly caught off guard by the whole ordeal, he was still in his underwear. "He probably wouldn't want me to say that, but yeah, that's true," laughed Karissa.
However, bringing him outside was the right move. Police were right there looking for him. "They were right there pretty much as soon as he was outside on the lawn," said Karissa.
"It was a Rochester Police Officer who was able to use his Taser and subdue the suspect," said Capt. Sherwin. Rocha was taken into custody, as for the Beilke family, they're ok. "I'm just glad everything is okay, and everyone is okay," said Karissa. She just still can’t believe her dad, did all that. "It's kind of crazy, he was definitely our hero," said Karissa.
Rocha will likely face a laundry list of charges, those being burglary, assault, fleeing from police, possession of meth, and even sales of meth because of how much they found on him. Karissa says her dad, the hero, only had a couple scratches on him and went to work after the whole ordeal.

Photo: ABC 6 News