Local Family Experiencing MNsure Glitch

Created: 05/21/2014 6:26 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- In a system as complex as MNsure there are bound to be glitches.

"I've been waiting for my kids insurance cards to come in the mail," Lori Nelson of Albert Lea told ABC 6.  "I still hadn't received them, and I needed to order glasses for my youngest son who's seven."

Nelson learned that she was one of the glitches when she contacted MNsure, looking for her son's insurance cards.

"And they said you aren't listed as the responsible person on his insurance. Can you tell me, is there somebody else that it might be?" Nelson said.

She gave her husband's name ... but he wasn't listed as the responsible, either. The only other names on the application were her sons’.

“They said Kyle, it's Kyle. I was like what? He's 13" Lori Nelson said.

“And that is something that we can help with if it has occurred" said Jenni Bowring-McDonough, MNsure’s media relations coordinator.

"I know that there have been instances where a family member may have been erroneously listed as an authorized person on accounts," Nelson said.

“So I said can I get Eric's number so i could get the glasses ordered, and they said technically we're not supposed to give it to you because you're not the responsible party listed," Lori Nelson recalled.

Ultimately, she got 7 year old Eric’s insurance number so h could get his glasses.

"If we hear about it and we can dig into that, we certainly want to repair that for you" MNsure’s Jenni Bowring-McDonough said.

And Lori Nelson hopes that when her sons' insurance cards do arrive in the mail, it means an end to her glitch:

"I hope I don't have to call up there again, because I don't want to explain the situation again,” she laughed.

Photo: ABC 6 News