Neighbors Rescue Ducklings Again

Created: 05/18/2014 9:37 PM

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - For the third straight year, St. Paul residents have had to rescue ducklings from the same street grate where hatchlings always seem to fall.

The mother duck hatches her brood on someone's lawn, but the ducklings inevitably fall one by one through the grate.

Fourteen ducklings hatched Thursday. Trish Pearson, whose parents live nearby, heard a chirping in the storm sewer Saturday. She and other neighbors, along with firefighters, spent more than two hours herding the ducklings into an area where they could be grabbed using bare hands and a rake.

Twelve ducklings were recovered alive. They were reunited with their mother, who has learned to wait nearby. She and a male duck rushed toward the babies, and the peeping pack waddled toward a golf course.

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For third straight year, neighbors rescued ducklings from the same spot.