Molly Kate Kestner Back Home After National Performance

Created: 05/16/2014 6:24 PM
By: John Doetkott

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Austin’s newest star.
Molly Kestner, known worldwide for her hit song "His Daughter,” has been travelling across the country performing and making TV appearances.
On Friday, ABC 6 News caught up with Kestner as she returned to the classroom.
As her hit song has grown to reach nearly 7 million views, the 18-year-old Kestner has been featured on World News with Diane Sawyer, and this week performed in front of millions on Good Morning America.
"I was super nervous at first,” Kestner said. “The first thing that happened when I walked in was Robin Roberts came up to me and was like, 'Oh, I love your song!' And that kind of put me at ease."
Now back in school, Kestner said all of the agents and record labels hounding her the past few weeks have been a little overwhelming.
"Distracting would be an understatement,” Kestner said laughing. “It's hard. I have to just put that all aside when I come to school or when I'm trying to work on things."
Kestner said she's taking it all in stride, and her teachers seem to agree.
"I think she's handling it pretty well, she's handling it with grace,” said Brian Johnson, the choir director at Austin High School and Kestner’s teacher.
Johnson said both students and staff have tried to help Kestner in any way they can.
"The word of mouth has been incredible,” Johnson said. “The support she's had here while she's been away is really strong."
With only a little more than two weeks left in her senior year, Kestner said she is looking forward to getting back to normal.
"Just really spend time with people that I'm not going to see after I graduate and enjoy the last few weeks of my senior year as much as I can,” Kestner said.
As for those talent agents, Kestner said she will not be signing any record deal until after she competes in the Distinguished Young Women program this summer.
And as of Friday afternoon, her song was #42 on the iTunes download chart, just ahead of Katy Perry.

Photo: ABC 6 News