Century Students Pack Food and Learn Lessons

Created: 05/16/2014 5:34 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Each year Century High School students raise money for some sort of cause in the community. This year, they're making an impact around the world by packing food for starving kids in Afghanistan.

You'd think it was a competition. But Friday, the gym was filled with hundreds of students all working together for a good cause.

“You get into it, you get excited like, yeah, you know you're really helping people,” said Century High School Student, Joshua Grove. 

In just three hours, these Century High School freshman packed 48,000 meals to send to starving kids in Afghanistan.

The kids raised $10,000 earlier this year to buy the food and packaging supplies from a nonprofit called Matter.

"They're packing 15,000 to 18,000 meals per hour,” said Century High School Administrator, Molly Murphy. Which explains the quick but diligent work process. The assembly line starts with putting dried vegetables, vitamins, soy and rice into a bag. Then sealing the meal air tight and boxing them up to be shipped overseas.

"It's one thing to give money, but it's another thing to take time which you can't get back and just the fact that you walk around and you see all the smiles on their faces,” said Grove. 

The day was about more than just the cause. It was also an opportunity to get these 9th graders working together, with hopes that they'll get involved during their next three years of high school.

"It's such a fabulous day and the kids are really really getting into and excited about what they're doing,” said Murphy. 

"You look at the stacks of boxes that you've completed and you think wow, this is going to help people, you really feel good about yourself. I think it's just an experience you just can't really find anywhere else,” said Grove. 

The school decided to build an entire day of service learning out of the project. The students also heard from speakers and participated in enrichment activities surrounding poverty and hunger.

Photo: ABC 6 News