Two Arrested for Driving Same Car Drunk

Created: 05/13/2014 11:27 AM

(ABC 6 News) -- Just before 9:00 Monday night, Rochester police got a call from a witness who saw a car backing out of a driveway in southwest Rochester. The witness says the car hit a wooden retaining wall, causing damage.

They then say the driver and passenger switched seats, and drove away.

Police say an officer caught up with the car, and pulled it over.

It turns out, both men had alcohol in their system.

The original driver, who allegedly hit the wall, is 30-year-old Erik Goddmanson, of Rochester.

Police say Goddmanson’s BAC was .12.

The other man, who was driving the car when police pulled it over, is 44-year-old Jason Weinrich of Rochester. According to police, his BAC was .22.

Both men were arrested and face 2nd degree DUI charges. 

Erik Goodmanson and Jason Weinrich
Olmsted County Adult Detention Center